Exquisite English Bulldogs
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Family Dogs

Our English Bulldogs are part of our family.  We do not believe in or encourage puppy mills or backyard breeding practices.  Our English Bulldog puppies are socialized from an early age with our children, nephews and nieces.  As a result, the puppies are confident and comfortable around people.

Genetic Testing & Extended Health Guarantee

Our English Bulldog breeding practices include genetic testing of our English Bulldog adults to make certain they are not suffering from congenital disorders.  Our English Bulldog adults are 100% free of genetic defects as a result of which we offer an extended health guarantee for each English Bulldog puppy we sell.

Respected English Bulldog Breeder

We are held in high esteem among our peers and veterinarians.  Our English Bulldog kennel is referral based because we provide quality English Bulldog puppies to our clientele.

Ethical English Bulldog Breeder

Our number one goal is to improve the English Bulldog breed.  We breed English Bulldogs to enhance the physical and temperamental aspects that are present in the English Bulldog breed.  We understand that there is no such thing as a "perfect dog" but our goal is to get as close to perfection as possible.